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We want to congratulate all the Nominees, Longlisters, Shortlisters and finalists for being apart of BFA23 and a HUGE congratulations the the winners Industry Newcomer 3rd - Papa Luckman Fitness 2nd - Crossfit Liverpool 1st - Pink Fox Fitness Independent Newcomer 3rd - Katie Curran 2nd - Katie Barnes 1st - Hollie McIntyre Fitness Manager 3rd - Cassie Hyland 2nd - Sam Stanford 1st - Beth Turner Training Provider 3rd - EMDUK 2nd - Ree Training Solutions 1st - The HIIT Company Supplement Provider 3rd - Awesome Supplements 2nd - Dedicated Supplements 1st - T-Nutrition Health & Wellbeing Provider 3rd - Bupa 2nd - My Health Scotland 1st - Rage Fitness & Wellbeing Company Member Achievement Award 3rd - Kelly McKay 2nd - Amy Dixon 1st - Craig Cavanagh Athleisure Company 3rd - Designed by Sports 2nd - The HIIT Company 1st - Jazmin Elizabeth Sports Coach 3rd - Zachary Wilmer 2nd - Craig Brown 1st - Sean Hibbert Inclusive Sports Group 3rd - BoostFit 2nd - Rage Fitness & Wellbeing Company 1st - New Horizon's CIC Sports Group 3rd - Clap For Clarky 2nd - Mini Vipers 1st - BoostFit Sports Therapist 3rd - Mia Pedro 2nd - Paul Tremarco 1st - Erikas Gedvygas LGBTQ+ Personality 3rd - Martin Jensen 2nd - Craig Cavanagh 1st - Ste Dobie Nutritionist 3rd - Richie Howie 2nd - John Edwards 1st - Sarah Griffiths Healthy Eating Company 3rd - Fresh Prep Street Food 2nd - Clean Green Nutrition 1st - The Weight Loss Prep Kitchen Fitness Event 3rd - International Fitness Event 2nd - Orbit Fitness Festival 1st - Fitness Bingo Fitness Brand 3rd - BoostFit 2nd - The HIIT Company 1st - Soulsa Fitness Influencer 3rd - Paige Verity Davis 2nd - Craig Cavanagh 1st - Holly Lynch Fitness Presenter 3rd - Katie Curran 2nd - Louise Jordan 1st - Karen Gibson Combat Based Workout 3rd - Totally Shredded 2nd - Ree Combat 1st - RockBox HIIT Based Workout 3rd - PWR Beatz 2nd - HIITSTEP 1st - Fat Burn Extreme Dance Based Workout 3rd - Panache Dance Fitness 2nd - Decades Reloaded 1st - GroovX Gym Chain 3rd - The Gym Group 2nd - Pure Gym 1st - Dedicated Supergym Indpendent Gym 3rd - Dedicated Supergym 2nd - Rage Fitness & Wellbeing Company 1st - Empower HQ Female Fitness Trainer 3rd - Lisa Hillier 2nd - Hollie McIntyre 1st - Nadine Pugh Male Fitness Trainer 3rd - Ste Dobie 2nd - David Muir 1st - Reece Madden Female PT 3rd - Holly Lynch 2nd - Hollie McIntyre 1st - Hayley Ryder Male PT 3rd - Craig Brown 2nd - Sean Hibbert 1st - Kevin Poole Young British Fitness Personality Jacob Lawton British Fitness Personality Zachary Wilmer

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